I started the 12words project in 2009. It’s been fun and thousands of people have connected to write and rate stories. Now I’ve decided to grow the project to 12second films.  Everyone loves the idea, but they get a bit overwhelmed by the idea of making a film in 12 seconds.

So I’ve made an example – simple and short.

This is a 12second film I made with my 8-year-old son, Tully. We filmed it on a Canon 60D and edited it on iMovie. It took us an hour.


About Liz Keen

I live in rural Australia with my partner and our three kids. I dabble in freelance journalism between packing lunches, doing the school run and coordinating 12words.com.au. I'm also on the board of MicroLoan Foundation, Australia.
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2 Responses to 12seconds

  1. kmcg2375 says:

    I love this idea Liz 🙂
    My class is having a poetry conference in a few weeks, and I’ve modified the 12seconds task to be a 12seconds video featuring a poetry reading. There are only six students in the class, but I’ll be sure to get them uploading their work somewhere for you!

    • Liz Keen says:

      Hi Kelli, thank you! I’d love to spread the word to more teachers because I think it could be a fun thing to do in class, how do you think I could spread the word a bit more?

      Looking forward to seeing some of the poetry readings, that sounds fantastic!

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