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Truth Moment

There’s a truth moment in every argument. You know it – that moment where you look at the person you’re arguing with and you can see the reason in their argument. It might be very small, but it’s there. At … Continue reading

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You don’t see people living on the streets where I live.  You don’t see people begging or carrying sleeping bags around with them. That was why I was shocked when I found out that there are around 100 kids with … Continue reading

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Salt of the Earth

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but they’re bad for the community. According to this study, living in luxury makes it harder for us to consider other people’s needs. Some people choose to live a life of piety, volunteering … Continue reading

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Most of my friends are completely insane. In fact I think that we define each other by our self diagnosed inflictions. I’ve just finished reading Veronika Decides to Die by Paulo Cohelho. It’s a good book, easy to read but full … Continue reading

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Perhaps books, and a nice place to read them, is the answer to everything. I was listening to Radio National’s Late Night Live yesterday afternoon.  A wealthy philanthropist and ex Microsoft employee, John Wood, was talking about Room to Read, … Continue reading

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Simon had two wisdom teeth ripped out on Tuesday. I spent yesterday making him soft food, buying sorbet, looking after our three lovely but insane kids and trying to keep the house remotely pleasant. He was so ill yesterday that … Continue reading

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Lying with Creativity

I’ve spent the last half hour looking for an article that shows that lying is not only normal, it’s good. I found one.  The Creativity of Lying: Divergent Thinking and Ideational Correlates of the Resolution of Social Dilemmas.  And isn’t … Continue reading

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